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  • A probabilistic economic/CO2eq emissions dispatch model: real applications 

    Arriagada Carrasco, Eduardo Wladimir; Lopez Parra, Enrique; López, Miguel; Lefranc, Gaston; López, Rodrigo; Poloujadoff, Michel (2018-09)
    The worldwide evolution of the electric systems requires, i. a.: a) fossil-fuel generators with carbon capture and b) clean technologies based on renewable energies. For this reason, dispatch centers are in constant search ...
  • Biomass quality index: Searching for suitable biomass as an energy source in Chile 

    Rocha, Sebastián; Candia, Óscar; Valdebenito, Fabiola; Espinoza-Monje, J. Flavio; Azócar Ulloa, Laura (2020-03-15)
    A Biomass Quality Index (BQI) developed using a previously reported tool was shown to be a promising method to rank biomass suitable for solid biofuel production. The BQI was developed by selecting 12 chemical parameters ...