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  • MODIS Vegetation Continuous Fields tree cover needs calibrating in tropical savannas 

    Adzhar, Rahayu; Kelley, Douglas; Dong, Ning; George, Charles; Torello Raventos, Mireia; Veenendaal, Elmar; Feldpausch, Ted; Phillips, Oliver; Lewis, Simon; Sonké, Bonaventure; Taedoumg, Herman; Schwantes Marimon, Beatriz; Domingues, Tomas; Arroyo, Luzmila; Djagbletey, Gloria; Saiz Rueda, Gustavo; Gerard, France (2022)
    The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer Vegetation Continuous Fields (MODIS VCF) Earth observation product is widely used to estimate forest cover changes and to parameterize vegetation and Earth system models ...