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  • Genome sequencing variations in the Octodon degus, an unconventional natural model of aging and Alzheimer's disease 

    Hurley, Michael J.; Urra, Claudio; Garduno, B. Maximiliano; Bruno, Agostino; Kimbell, Allison; Wilkinson, Brent; Marino Buslje, Cristina; Ezquer, Marcelo; Ezquer, Fernando; Aburto, Pedro F.; Poulin, Elie; Vásquez, Rodrigo A.; Deacon, Robert; Ávila Macaya, Ariel; Deacon, Francisco; Whitney Vanderklish, Peter; Zampieri, Guido; Angione, Claudio; Constantino, Gabriele; Holmes, Todd C.; Coba, Marcelo P.; Xu, Xiangmin; Cogram, Patricia (2022)
    The degu (Octodon degus) is a diurnal long-lived rodent that can spontaneously develop molecular and behavioral changes that mirror those seen in human aging. With age some degu, but not all individuals, develop cognitive ...