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  • Avoiding and escaping depressions in real-time heuristic search 

    Hernández, Carlos; Baier, Jorge A. (2012)
    Heuristics used for solving hard real-time search problems have regions with depressions. Such regions are bounded areas of the search space in which the heuristic function is inaccurate compared to the actual cost to ...
  • Incorporating weights into real-time heuristic search 

    Rivera, Nicolás; Baier, Jorge A.; Hernández, Carlos (2015)
    Multiplying the heuristic function by a weight greater than one is a well-known technique in heuristic search. When this technique is applied to A* with an admissible heuristic it yields substantial runtime savings, at the ...
  • Reusing cost-minimal paths for goal-directed navigation in partially known terrains 

    Hernández, Carlos; Uras, Tansel; Koenig, Sven; Baier, Jorge A.; Sun, Xiaoxun; Meseguer, Pedro (2015)
    Situated agents frequently need to solve search problems in partially known terrains in which the costs of the arcs of the search graphs can increase (but not decrease) when the agents observe new information. An example ...