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  • Planetary system LHS 1140 revisited with ESPRESSO and TESS 

    Lillo-Box, J.; Figueira, P.; Leleu, A.; Acuña, L.; Faria, J.P.; Hara, N.; Santos, N. C.; Correia, A. C. M; Robutel, P.; Deleuil, M.; Barrado, D.; Sousa, S.; Bonfils, X.; Mousis, O.; Almenara, José Manuel; Astudillo Defru, Nicola; Marcq, E.; Lovis, C.; Pepe, F. (2020-10-15)
    Context. LHS 1140 is an M dwarf known to host two transiting planets at orbital periods of 3.77 and 24.7 days. They were detected with HARPS and Spitzer. The external planet (LHS 1140 b) is a rocky super-Earth that is ...