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  • A country's response to tackling plastic pollution in aquatic ecosystems: The Chilean way 

    Urbina, M. A.; Luna Jorquera, G.; Thiel, M.; Acuña Ruz, T.; Amenábar Cristi, M. A.; Andrade, C.; Ahrendt, C.; Castillo, C.; Chevallier, A.; Cornejo D'Ottone, M.; Correa Araneda, F.; Duarte, C.; Fernández, C.; Galbán Malagón, C.; Godoy, C.; González Aravena, M.; Hinojosa Toledo, Iván Andrés; Jorquera, A.; Kiessling, T.; Lardies, M. A.; Lenzi, J.; Mattar, C.; Munizaga, M.; Olguín Campillay, N.; Pérez Venegas, D. J.; Portflitt Toro, M.; Pozo, K.; Pulgar, J.; Vargas, E. (2021-02)
    Marine plastic pollution is worse than expected, and we are starting to realize its full extent and severity. Solving the plastic pollution problem is not easy, as it requires the action and commitment of all sectors of ...
  • A decade later, reviewing floating marine debris in Northern Chilean Patagonia 

    Ahrendt, C.; DeCoite, M.; Pulgar, J.; Pozo, K.; Galbán Malagón, C.; Hinojosa Toledo, Iván Andrés (2021)
    Floating marine debris (FMD) were abundantly reported in the Northern Chilean Patagonia in 2009 where sea-based activities (mussel and salmon aquaculture) are responsible for most of them. Identifying the sources of FMD ...