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  • A framework for mapping and monitoring human-ocean interactions in near real-time during COVID-19 and beyond 

    Ward-Paige, CA; White, ER; Madin, EMP; Osgood, GJ; Bailes, LK; Bateman, RL; E.Belonje, E.; Burns, KV; Cullain, N.; Darbyshire-Jenkins, P.; de Waegh, R.S.; Eger, AM; Fola-Matthews, L.; Ford, BM; Gonson, C.; Honeyman, CJ; House, JE; Jacobs, E.; Jordan, LK; Levenson, JJ; Lucchini, K.; Martí-Puig, P; McGuire, LAH; Meneses, C.; Montoya-Maya, PH; Noonan, RA; Ruiz-Ruiz, PA; Ruy, PE; Saputra, RA; Shedrawi, G.; Sing, B.; Tietbohl, MD; Twomey, A.; Vergara Florez, DC; Yamb, L. (2022)
    The human response to the COVID-19 pandemic set in motion an unprecedented shift in human activity with unknown long-term effects. The impacts in marine systems are expected to be highly dynamic at local and global scales. ...