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  • Hot Exoplanet Atmospheres Resolved with Transit Spectroscopy (HEARTS) III. Atmospheric structure of the misaligned ultra-hot Jupiter WASP-121b 

    Bourrier, V.; Ehrenreich, D.; Lendl, M.; Cretignier, M.; Allart, R.; Dumusque, X.; Cegla, H. M.; Suarez Mascareno, A.; Wyttenbach, A.; Hoeijmakers, H. J.; Melo, C.; Kuntzer, T.; Astudillo Defru, Nicola; Giles, H.; Heng, K.; Kitzmann, D.; Lavie, B.; Lovis, C.; Murgas, F.; Nascimbeni, V.; Pepe, F.; Pino, L.; Segransan, D.; Udry, S. (2020-04)
    Ultra-hot Jupiters offer interesting prospects for expanding our theories on dynamical evolution and the properties of extremely irradiated atmospheres. In this context, we present the analysis of new optical spectroscopy ...
  • Hot Exoplanet Atmospheres Resolved with Transit Spectroscopy (HEARTS): IV. A spectral inventory of atoms and molecules in the high-resolution transmission spectrum of WASP-121 b 

    Hoeijmakers, H. J.; Seidel, J. V.; Pino, L.; Kitzmann, D.; Sindel, J. P.; Ehrenreich, D.; Oza, A. V.; Bourrier, V.; Allart, R.; Gebek, A.; Lovis, C.; Yurchenko, S. N.; Astudillo Defru, Nicola; Bayliss, D.; Cegla, H.; Lavie, B.; Lendl, M.; Melo, C.; Murgas, F.; Nascimbeni, V.; Pepe, F.; Ségransan, D.; Udry, S.; Wyttenbach, A.; Heng, K. (2020-09-18)
    Context. WASP-121 b is a hot Jupiter that was recently found to possess rich emission (day side) and transmission (limb) spectra, suggestive of the presence of a multitude of chemical species in the atmosphere. Aims. ...
  • Optical phase curve of the ultra-hot Jupiter WASP-121b 

    Bourrier, V.; Kitzmann, D.; Kuntzer, T.; Nascimbeni, V.; Lendl, M.; Lavie, B.; Hoeijmakers, H. J.; Pino, L.; Ehrenreich, D.; Heng, K.; Allart, R.; Cegla, H. M.; Dumusque, X.; Melo, C.; Astudillo Defru, Nicola; Caldwell, Douglas A.; Cretignier, M.; Giles, H.; Henze, C. E.; Jenkins, J.; Lovis, C.; Murgas, F.; Pepe, F.; Ricker, G. R.; Rose, M. E.; Seager, S.; Segransan, D.; Suárez-Mascareño, A.; Udry, S.; Vanderspek, R.; Wyttenbach, A. (2020-05)
    We present the analysis of TESS optical photometry of WASP-121b, which reveals the phase curve of this transiting ultra-hot Jupiter. Its hotspot is located at the sub-stellar point, showing inefficient heat transport from ...