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  • A branch and cut algorithm for the hierarchical network design problem 

    Obreque, Carlos; Donoso, Macarena; Gutiérrez, Gabriel; Marianov, Vladimir (2010)
    The Hierarchical Network Design Problem consists of locating a minimum cost bi-level network on a graph. The higher level sub-network is a path visiting two or more nodes. The lower level sub-network is a forest connecting ...
  • Lagrangean relaxation heuristics for thep-cable-trench problem 

    Marianov, Vladimir; Gutiérrez, Gabriel; Obreque, Carlos; Cornejo Zúñiga, Oscar (2012)
    We address thep-cable-trench problem. In this problem,pfacilities are located, a trench network is dugand cables are laid in the trenches, so that every customer – or demand – in the region is connected to afacility through ...
  • Minimum cost path location for maximum traffic capture 

    Gutiérrez, Gabriel; Donoso, Macarena; Obreque, Carlos; Marianov, Vladimir (2010)
    A free path (with no preset extreme nodes) is located on a network, in such a way as to minimize the cost and maximize the traffic captured by the path. Traffic between a pair of nodes is captured if both nodes are visited ...