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  • Classification of Tsunami and Evacuation Areas 

    Shibayama, Tomoya; Esteban, Miguel; Nistor, Ioan; Takagi, Hiroshi; Danh Thao, Nguyen; Matsumaru, Ryo; Mikami, Takahito; Aránguiz Muñoz, Rafael Enrique; Jayaratne, Ravindra; Ohira, Koichiro (2013)
    On March 11, 2011, a large earthquake that occurred offshore the north-east coast of Japan generated a large tsunami which devastated extensive areas of the Tohoku coastline. Despite Japan being considered a country well ...
  • Field Survey of the 2018 Sulawesi Tsunami: Inundation and Run-up Heights and Damage to Coastal Communities 

    Mikami, Takahito; Shmayama, Tomoya; Esteban, Miguel; Takabatake, Tomoyuki; Nakamura, Ryota; Nishida, Yuta; Achiari, Hendra; Rusli; Marzuki, Abdul Gafur; Marzuki, Muhammad Fadel Hidayat; Stolle, Jacob; Krautwald, Clemens; Robertson, Ian; Aránguiz Muñoz, Rafael Enrique; Ohira, Koichiro (2019-08)
    On September 28, 2018, a large earthquake and its accompanying tsunami waves caused severe damage to the coastal area of Palu Bay, in the central western part of Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. To clarify the distribution of ...
  • Numerical analysis of seismic water level oscillations in canals 

    Ohira, Koichiro; Takabatake, Tomoyuki; Esteban, Miguel; Aránguiz Muñoz, Rafael Enrique; Mall, Martin; Shibayama, Tomoya (2020-11)
    Water level oscillations induced by the ground motion of an earthquake have occasionally been observed in a closed or partially enclosed water system. The generated water disturbances can induce localized flooding, boat ...