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  • Increasing access to integrated ESKD care as part of universal health coverage 

    Harris, David C.H; Davies, Simon J.; Finkelstein, Fredric O.; Jha, Vivekanand; Donner, Jo-Ann; Abraham, Georgi; Bello, Aminu K.; Caskey, Fergus J.; Garcia Garcia, Guillermo; Harden, Paul; Hemmelgarn, Brenda; Johnson, David W.; Levin, Nathan W.; Luyckx, Valerie A.; Martin, Dominique E.; McCulloch, Mignon I.; Moosa, Mohammed Rafique; O’Connell, Philip J.; Okpechi, Ikechi G.; Pecoits Filho, Roberto; Shah, Kamal D.; Sola, Laura; Swanepoel, Charles; Tonelli, Marcello; Twahir, Ahmed; van Biesen, Wim; Varghese, Cherian; Yang, Chih-Wei; Zúñiga San Martín, Carlos Alberto (2019-04)
    The global nephrology community recognizes the need for a cohesive strategy to address the growing problem of end-stage kidney disease (ESKD). In March 2018, the International Society of Nephrology hosted a summit on ...