Recent Submissions

  • Radio-Frequency interference at the mcgill arctic research station 

    Dyson, T.; Chiang, H. C.; Egan, E.; Ghazi, N.; Ménard, T.; Monsalve, R. A.; Moso, T.; Peterson, J.; Sievers, J. L.; Tartakovsky, S. (2021)
    The frequencies of interest for redshifted 21cm observations are heavily affected by terrestrial radio-frequency interference (RFI). We identify the McGill Arctic Research Station (MARS) as a new RFI-quiet site and report ...
  • Quantum randomness protected against detection loophole attacks 

    Mironowicz, Piotr; Cañas, Gustavo; Cariñe, Jaime; Gómez, Esteban S.; Barra, Johanna F.; Cabello, Adán; Guilherme B., Xavier; Lima, Gustavo; Pawłowski, Marcin (2021-01)
    Device and semi-device-independent private quantum randomness generators are crucial for applications requiring private randomness. However, they are vulnerable to detection inefficiency attacks and this limits severely ...

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