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  • Comparative analysis of tsunami recovery strategies in small communities in Japan and Chile 

    Bruno Valenzuela, Ven Paolo; Maduranga Samarasekara, Ratnayakage Sameera; Kularathna, Shyam; Cubelos Pérez, G. Carlota; Norikazu, Furukawa; Nathan Crichton, Richard; Quiroz, Marco; Yavar, Ramon; Izumi, Ikeda; Aránguiz Muñoz, Rafael Enrique; Motoharu, Onuki; Esteban, Miguel (2019-01)
    The Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction emphasizes the need to rebuild better after a disaster to ensure that the at-risk communities can withstand a similar or stronger shock in the future. In the present work, ...
  • Numerical analysis of seismic water level oscillations in canals 

    Ohira, Koichiro; Takabatake, Tomoyuki; Esteban, Miguel; Aránguiz Muñoz, Rafael Enrique; Mall, Martin; Shibayama, Tomoya (2020-11)
    Water level oscillations induced by the ground motion of an earthquake have occasionally been observed in a closed or partially enclosed water system. The generated water disturbances can induce localized flooding, boat ...