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  • Challenges for sustainable end-stage kidney disease care in low-middle-income countries: the problem of the workforce 

    Swanepoel, Charles R.; McCulloch, Mignon I.; Abraham, Georgi; Donner, Jo-Ann; Alrukhaimi, Mona N.; Blake, Peter G.; Bunnag, Sakarn; Claus, Stefaan; Dreyer, Gavin; Ghnaimat, Mohammad A.; Ibhais, Fuad M.; Liew, Adrian; McKnight, Marla; Yewondwossen Tadesse, Mengistu; Naicker, Saraladevi; Niang, Abdou; Obrador, Gregorio T.; Perl, Jeffrey; Harun Ur, Rashid; Tonelli, Marcello; Tungsanga, Kriang; Vachharajani, Tushar; Zakharova, Elena; Zúñiga San Martín, Carlos Alberto; Finkelstein, Fredric O. (2020-03-01)
    Prevention and early detection of kidney diseases in adults and children should be a priority for any government health department. This is particularly pertinent in the low-middle-income countries, mostly in Asia, Africa, ...
  • Supportive care for end-stage kidney disease: an integral part of kidney services across a range of income settings around the world 

    Hole, Barnaby; Hemmelgarn, Brenda; Brown, Edwina; Brown, Mark; McCulloch, Mignon I.; Zúñiga San Martín, Carlos Alberto; Andreoli, Sharon P.; Blake, Peter G.; Couchoud, Cécile; Cueto Manzano, Alfonso M.; Dreyer, Gavin; García García, Guillermo; Jager, Kitty J.; McKnight, Marla; Morton, Rachael L.; Murtagh, Fliss E.M.; Naicker, Saraladevi; Obrador, Gregorio T.; Perl, Jeffrey; Rahman, Muhibur; Shah, Kamal D.; Van Biesen, Wim; Walker, Rachael C.; Yeates, Karen; Zemchenkov, Alexander; Zhao, Ming-Hui; Davies, Simon J.; Caskey, Fergus J. (2020-03-01)
    A key component of treatment for all people with advanced kidney disease is supportive care, which aims to improve quality of life and can be provided alongside therapies intended to prolong life, such as dialysis. This ...